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Monday, June 27th, 2016.

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Plaza San Martin

This historical neighborhood, in which visitors will find the “Torre de los Ingleses” or “Tower of the English,” in front of the Retiro train station and the bus terminal. Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the neighborhood is the Plaza San Martín, one of the most elegant zones of the city. By subway or bus, it is a ten minute trip to the “microcentro” downtown area.

We recommend visiting.
- Torre de los Ingleses
Plaza Fuerza Aérea Argentina, in front of the Retiro train station.
The tower is 60 meters tall, and displays an impressive clock on the top. The tower was donated by the English residents in the year 1910, the centennial of the Revolución de Mayo, 1810.

- Estación Retiro
Av. Ramos Mejía 1430.
Tel.: 4304-0028/8264
Daily departures of trains to north and northwest areas.

- Plaza San Martín
Av. del Libertador, Florida, Av. Santa Fe y Gral. Belgrano.
Amidst the plentiful trees in the plaza, visitors can appreciate the monument to General San Martín, and set back from this statue is the monument to the fallen soldiers of the Falkland Islands War.

- Kavanagh Building
Florida and San Martín.
This was the first skyscraper of Buenos Aires, reaching the height of 120 meters at the level of the 30th floor. When constructed in 1936, it was the only building of its type in South America.

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Barrancas de Belgrano





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