General conditions

All of the host families included in the ByT Argentina web site have been personally inspected by a member of our staff to ensure the quality of the infrastructure offered to our guests.
The host families included in this network are obligated to permit guests free access to the home at any time of day or night during their stay. They may opt to give the guest their own set of keys to the home or to be available at all times to allow their guests access to the home at the guests' convenience.
In the case that the home owner has decided to give guests their own set of keys, it is requested that the guest never carry the keys together with the address of the home, and that in the event that the keys are misplaced, the guest is expected to pay to replace the lost keys.
ByT Argentina never includes in their listed prices the costs of telephone use. These expenses should be paid independently of the rent paid for accommodations. Home owners are not obligated to provide phone use to their guests. Despite this general rule, many of our hosts allow their guests use of the telephone, always charging the guest for the costs of calls which they make.
Continental breakfast, when included, consists of coffee or tea with milk, toast, jelly, butter, fruit juice, and in-season fruits. If a guest prefers a different type of breakfast, they should talk with the host upon arrival to arrange the breakfast which they will be served.
All host families are required to change the linens and towels for the guest periodically. Generally, sheets are changed at least once per week and towels at least once every two to three days. Host families do not include laundry service for their guests. For this service, guests can use the launderer closest to their home, where they will be able to leave their clothes to be laundered at a low cost. The cleaning and maintenance of household appliances and installations is the shared responsibility of the guest and the host.
We recommend to our guests that they travel with medical insurance coverage for their travels and that they provide all of the pertinent information to their host upon arrival, in order to receive the best medical attention in the event of emergency or unforeseen medical problems. In the same respect, we recommend that guests inform their hosts of any food or medication allergies or medical conditions that would be important to know about in the case of a medical emergency.
In the event that a guest is located in with a host family which they found unsatisfactory, they could request relocation with another host family from the network. This service is offered to our guests free of additional charge, and logically is offered based on the availability of other arrangements offered through our network. It is important to mention that payments paid in advance for accommodations will not be refunded in any case.
In the same manner, if for any reason a guest should shorten their contracted stay with a host family, no amount previously paid for the accommodations will be refunded. For this reason, we advise that guests confirm their departure dates to the best of their ability, and if necessary, that they try to extend their reservation if they needed to stay for more time than originally requested.
In the event a guest should cancel the reservation for any reason, the following amounts will be charged:
1. Cancellations with 8 or more days of advanced notice: 20% of the cost of the stay.
2. Cancellations with 7-0 days of advanced notice: 30% of the cost of the stay.

ByT Argentina is always available to our guests located in accommodations in this network, to offer them any type of information that they may need.

ByT Argentina wishes you an enjoyable stay in the city and thanks you for choosing us.